Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I use my Love2shop e-Gift Card?
A. Following the instructions included in the delivery email, enter your Love2shop e-Gift Card code into the Love2shop landing page, and claim your reward from the catalogue within. Love2shop will handle any delivery.

Q. Can my Love2shop e-Gift Card be exchanged for cash?
A. No, Love2shop e-Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash.

Q. How long is my Love2shop e-Gift Card valid for?
A. Love2shop e-Gift Cards are valid for 12 months. Please email or check the email that delivered your e-gift card to confirm your expiry date.

Q. If I exchange my Love2shop e-Gift Card for a retailer voucher, physical gift card, or digital product, can I spend it in-store and online?
A. All retailers are different. Some are in-store or online only, some are both. To see where each item in the catalogue can be spent, please review the specific retailer/product page when browsing the catalogue. The information will clearly state where each product can be spent.

Q. Can I spend my Love2shop e-Gift Card in-store?
A. No, however you can exchange Love2shop e-Gift Card for vouchers and gift cards that can be spent in-store.

Q. Do I have to spend all of my e-gift card all at once?
A. No, you can use your e-gift card as many times as you like, for as many products as you like, until the e-gift card’s balance is expended.

Q. Do retailers’ gift cards and Love2shop Vouchers/Cards expire?
A. Yes, however, these expiry dates will be clear when your item arrives, digitally or physically.

Q. Do I have to pay postage?
A. No, we handle any delivery costs.

Q. What happens if I lose my Love2shop e-Gift Card?
A. To report a lost e-gift card, please email, and provide the email address to which your e-gift card was originally delivered. If possible, we will re-issue your Love2shop e-Gift Card.

Q.I am having difficulties using my e-gift card.
A. If you have trouble using your e-gift card, please consult the FAQ and instructional video on the landing page. If this doesn’t answer your question, please email and explain your situation.

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